About use cookies

What is a cookies?

Printmarket.eu internet marketing site uses cookies. When you visit our site, a small text file is sent to your computer. If you visit our site again later, you will get to our site faster with these cookies.

Why Cookies?

When you visit our site again, your pages will come up more quickly. You will get the information you want faster.

Is personal information collected?

Our site is a site with full security certification. No personal information about you is collected and collected. This function is already blocked due to our security certificate. Cookies enter any system file on your computer and will not harm your system in any way.

The cookies we use?

Functional Cookies: These cookies will come up faster when you enter my sitemap, when you add items to your basket, or when you visit again later about your visited pages. The product you have added to the sepete will be in the basket. If you have any problems later, we will make it easier for you to provide technical service even before you sign up.

Cookies for analysis: When you visit our site, basic statistical information such as the site you enter the most, the product you have reviewed most are stored for better service, and we will be able to make improvements in the direction of our customers' requests.

Advertising Cookies: Let's say that the product you're reviewing on our site is running as an ad in another social media. And when you visit that social media site, you will see our product as our ad. You will get easy access to the product you are looking for, and we will have easier access to you.