Pizza Box and Packaging Products Production Started

by İsmail Hakkı Kelleci
Pizza Box and Packaging Products Production Started

Our integrated packaging production facility started operating.
We manufacture to all Europe and other countries. We manufacture pizza boxes, food boxes, special purpose boxes and any other boxes you need.
Our joint solution into its operations in Turkey in our factory and we produce all the material you need ambabalaj.

We bring it to your door.
We bring all the products we produce to your door, wherever you are in the world.

Turkey, European and American companies are carrying out our own all our operational activities.

Please contact us for pizza boxes, food boxes, luxury boxes, product boxes, medical boxes or any box model you want to make.

Wedding Cultures

by İsmail Hakkı Kelleci Wedding Invitation Category has been renewed

by İsmail Hakkı Kelleci

Our Wedding Invitation Category has been renewed

In nearly 2000 different models, our wedding invitation category has been renewed. All our products have been designed in a very special way. We did not use any substance harmful to nature in the manufacture of our products.

Germany-Belgium-Netherlands free shipping

Cargo free to all cities of Germany, Belgium and Netherlands. And it's fast and reliable.

No Print Fee

We do not add any printing costs for our products that require offset printing. The printing fee is a gift. However, we charge a small fee for special prints outside the offset.

Shipment to all of Europe

Economical and fast shipment to all European countries.

Delivery in a week

Your order is delivered to your address within 1 week at the latest. The delivery process starts after you give your consent for the design.

Whatsapp help line

You can also ask and get information from our WhatsApp support line if you want details of all your orders. Whatsapp our hotline can create an order for you to determine whether you can get all the details and payment information.


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