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Elephant 3D T-Shirt

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Elephant 3D T-Shirt

  • Material: Polyester Surf Fabric. No jerseys. It's soft. It is a fabric made in a special manufacturing process used by the best brands of the world.
  • It does not lycra.
  • It does not hot transfer printing. It is same printing of the quilt, sheet or curtain that you use in your home. Use it safely. It does not use any carcinogenic substance.
  • This product never sweats in your body.

We used special ink for printing. The ink features we use

  • Colorfast
  • The paint does not dissolve when it is washed
  • Water based ink (solvent free)
  • Plant-based ink.
  • Accordance with EU quality standards.

We make custom logo printed t-shirts for corporations and individuals.

If you have a zoo garden, or if you have a social foundation, company or any other institution, we can make special production for you. For example, for Animal Protection Associations activities. Or if you are taking a student to a private zoo or a natural park, you can print a pattern suitable for your mind. The special edition for the person or institution should be at least 50 pieces. In this case, we have to give you a special price. Please contact us on the contact form for this.

In addition, we can produce different styles of logo printed. We produce t-shirts in different models like polo collar, flat collar, bicycle collar.

We can make special production with logo printed on all businesses such as restaurant, school, bar, factory, college, hospital, municipality, foundation, association, sports hall, concert organization company, tourism travel agency. The delivery time of logo-printed special productions is 20 days on average in Europe.

Special pattern printing over 100 pieces can be made. Please contact us at and ask for the price.

Body sizes

Size (cm) 5-7 Age 8-10 Age S Size M Size L Size XL Size
Height 39 43 48 52 56 60
Weight 52 54 68 70 72 74



T-Shirt Features

  • Unisex
Crew Neck
XL Size
T-Shirt Model:
  • Basic Classic

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