Pattern Printed PVC Envelope, Embossed Pattern Printed, Wedding Card - Erdem 50564

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Erdem Cards-50564
Wedding Card Model: Hard Thick Card, Brand: Erdem Card

Minimum Order Quantity 50 Piece.

Please install if you have a ready work.
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Pattern Printed PVC Envelope, Embossed Pattern Printed, Wedding Card - Erdem 50564

A wonderful envelope made of PVC material. White pattern printed on the envelope. The white print shines brightly. There is a very delicate stone accessory on the envelope. A wedding card made from thick cardboard. Embossed pattern printed around the card. There is a gold leaf print around the card. It is completely handcrafted. A great wedding card.

Card Material: 3 mm Heavy Cardboard
Envelope/Cover: 0,20 Micron Pvc

This fits to you on your special day with quality, workmanship and elegant invitations
The box is sold with.There are 50 pieces in one box.
Envelope and invitation is for the writing sample and display. The invitation will be the articles according to your choice.
Minimum order is 50 pieces.
The invitation is included in the price of accessories. However, the invitation by folding, inserting the accessory or other applications will be made by the customer.
A sample draft will be sent to you prior to printing. We want you to check this draft carefully. If you want any change we will prepare it again and send it to you again. Once you approve, the printing process will begin. Do not panic! Please check carefully. Once start printing, you will not have a chance to fix it. For this reason, check carefully. We will wait patiently.
This invitation is as shown in the picture. If the picture has an accessory or envelope, it will come in the same way. If the envelope does not appear, the product does not have an envelope, it is not needed.
Personalized and printed product for refund is not possible.



Erdem Card

Wedding Card Features

Wedding Card Model:
Hard Thick Card
Card-Carton Features:
Thick Hard Cardboard
Card Size (h/w)
16x24 cm
  • Small Accessories
  • Main Card
  • Envelope
  • Small Tag
Weight (100 Copy):
7,50 kg


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