Fairy Tale Car Themed Wedding Card - All Natural Wood

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Wedding Card Model: Wood Wedding Card, Brand: Printmarket
(1 review) Write a review
Extra Ideas TR
Wedding Card Model: Wood Wedding Card, Brand: Printmarket
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Fairy Tale Car Themed Wedding Card - 12x22.5 Cm - Laser Cut - Wedding Card with Linen Envelope

Wedding invitation card made entirely of natural wood
It is made of kiln-dried wood with a thickness of 3 mm.
There is no chemical material on it.
All the patterns on it are processed by laser burning and laser engraving method.
Bride and groom's name, date and all other writings are printed with laser burning method.
No paint was used.
It is produced under completely natural conditions.

It is made of cotton fabric. It is completely natural.
The name tag on it is made of 2 mm wood.
The texts on the nameplate are printed with laser burning method.
The On-Off button is made of 2 mm wood. The date or the names of the bride and groom can be embroidered on the button.
There are natural and dried flowers on the envelope.
The stem part of the flower is formed by wrapping a linen thread.
There is lace embroidery on the front of the envelope.

It consists of two opening wings.
The net size of the card in folded form is 12x22.5 cm.

None of your guests will ever throw this product away. It will be kept as a good memory for many years.

First of all, we ask you to send your information in the send message section. For example; You need to send your most basic information such as the bride and groom's name, date, time, name and address of the event venue.
Based on this information, we prepare a sample draft. We want you to confirm this draft by sending it to you via whatsapp or e-mail. We prefer the WhatsApp application because it is fast.
It will be processed after you approve.
Since it is custom made, it is not possible to return it. Therefore, please confirm after checking carefully.



Wedding Card Features

Wedding Card Model:
Wood Wedding Card


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