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Printmarket.eu is an online sales store of the Extra ideas BV.

With its institutionalized structure for more than 20 years, it operates in the field of printing, visual arts and printing materials in many parts of the world. In our own production facilities, we manufacture labels and paper for special purpose with our brand. Our products are sold in many wholesale stationery and office products markets in the market. In addition, we produce custom-sized labels, special-purpose labels and thick-weight standar sized paper with the company's own brand.

Wedding invitation, stationery products, office supplies, all kinds of printing products, printing materials and hammas related to the door door, if you want a box, we can make a container shipment. Every week we regularly distribute and deliver in all of Europe with our own vehicles. We provide services with safe and fast cargo options to destinations we cannot reach.

Products we produce:

For corporations and hotels: printed textile products, work clothes, hotel slippers, towels, bathrobes, all hotel materials.

For food producing firms: printed plastic and metal cans, labels, agricultural crates, saplings boxes, market brochures, plastic product labels, packaging boxes

For the printing industry: CTP mould, CTCP mould and chemicals, printing paints, coil and sheet paper, carton, printing machine and spare parts.

For the general market: carton and Paper bag, shoe box, pizza box, chips box, cake and food box, catalogue, brochure, wedding invitation, printed t-shirt, printed work gown, outdoor printing works, flag, banners, posters, signboards, road signboards, facade curtain signs, all printing works, technological promotional products.

Research-development services: Extra Ideas BV also serves as a link between China and Dubai for many companies. In our contact offices in China and Duai, we are investigating all kinds of products you want to investigate, quality control, loading control, manufacturing control. Wherever you are, we can serve you.

We look forward to meeting you and working together.

Best regards.

Management of Extra ideas BV.

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