Privacy policy

Privacy Policy, registered safer Internet environment policy to our users. For this reason, our members feel more comfortable for themselves various privacy rights familiar to them.
Members of the they have these rights are listed below:
  1. E-mail address will not be delivered and other organizations with no justification for advertising, promotion, marketing will not be used for the purpose.
  2. Your membership information and personal information, other than your authorization will not be opened to other members. However this information site in order to determine its own customer profile will be used.
  3. Only you access all the information that you enter in the system and only you can change. Another Member of the information about you, and it is not possible to change them.
  4. The requested personal information from you during registration, except for the obligatory ones, the ones you want under your own initiative, you can let us know too. If you have information that you choose to provide to us, you do not have to fill in these fields or mark.

These principles are guaranteed personal rights with us. to the safety of customers very seriously. All of your personal and confidential information belonging to users, secure electronic systems, stored in accordance with the standards.

Our company is protected with the most advanced security systems, and provide 100 percent security for shoppers.

Our company is a member of the personal information, credit card data and other sensitive information and all the staff at our company, no third party, including, authorized or unauthorized.

In this context, uses the latest security technology SSL methods. leaving is not necessarily "My Account" operations after clicking Secure under Output.

Safe-conduct do not view any other page in the same window without.

Electronic commerce, product, service or information to sell and purchase of covering the process of the realization of commercial transactions over the Internet.

Circulating public network such as the Internet environments of sensitive information to malicious users from getting into the hands of the payment system, to prevent security-related must fulfill as there are some imperatives.


Privacy (Confidentiality): Operation not only by third parties of information right can be seen by the person or organization. Example: a credit card number to stop being compromised by others.

Referential integrity (Integrity of data): the way it is produced in the source of knowledge, reach the receiver unchanged. Example: the purchase price of the service received, such as product or payment information is altered.
Proving your identity (Authentication): validity of the credit card, the card holder and proving the accuracy of the store's identity. Example: sender's cardholder of the credit card information to verify that.
Inability to deny it (Non-does diation): buyer's or seller's, post processing, it can be summed up as cannot reasonably deny the operation did.
  1. Secure Sockets Layer (SSL): SSL, used for communications on the web, and provides the privacy and integrity of security data transfer protocol.
  2. Web sites and widely supported by browsers SSL encrypted messages between the customer and the store and provides just the right address to decipher.
  3. SSL is an internet identity of parties involved in the process to prove the accuracy of digital certificates. Digital certificate holder will be sent to the other party for its own message encryption certificate together with the encryption key.
  4. The message is encrypted with a key that is sent with the certificate, but the certificate holder can be deciphered by reading the right message from the people.
  5. SSL uses public key Encryption Method as the encryption system. Thanks to this method, the communication on the web and SSL, the privacy and integrity of transferred information, and confirms the identity of the client and the server.
  6. However, SSL, credit card holder of the person carrying out an operation not prove and introduction to the store's credit card information to engelleyememektedir.

Protection of data integrity: the message is to be summarized (message digest) is a fixed-length set before to reprocessed (hash) and encrypted.

  1. To decipher the original message and the message field party after processing has the same fixed length to decipher the message summary compares with.
  2. In the case of both the integrity of the data in the same summary is maintained.
  3. Authenticating the other parties involved in the process
  4. Other parties involved in the processing of authenticating requires a "trust hierarchy".
  5. SET the Protocol to support the certification management that has defined the trust hierarchy.
  6. A digital certificate, a chain of trust to a higher level is a digital signature produced by the authority. Digital certificates are used to prove the correctness of the party.
  7. All information that you provide to Members, while only you can reach and you can change.
  8. To reach someone else interested in information about you, and it is not possible to change them.
  9. At any time, you can resign from membership.
  10. Remove from list will be deleted and the information of who resigned is not used by
  11. Our Department Store Security
  12. To redeem credit card transaction and communication is secured for each phase. Site-visitors on the pages of the site, our site's security communication order 256 bit SSL communication between the visitor with standard. Many of the aforementioned communication standard, an object that can be used safely, even on sites that are traded.

Credit card information will be given on page 2 to see if they have a form of communication, access to the page in the address bar by expression http://.. not, in the format https://.. occurs in the form of expression. When you access to pages of this nature in the bottom-right corner of the browser lock-token.

Site-the credit card data Security Bank Communication from the site, the transfer to the Bank and related security, the Bank takes place with maximum security offered by. In addition to a large number of security component in question, CVV2/CVC2 code stolen card or if the card is used on our site as a precaution against shopping with information. Intra-site data security, secure environment to do transactions that you allot you and credit card Bank disclaims all persons, institutions and organizations by do not reach your information.
It is not possible to access credit card information that is transmitted.
Credit card processing page bank card information directly to the POS system to pass the report to the customer and the result of the operation. Your credit card information via email or other such methods imparted. Online credit card information that is transmitted as a result of the operation staff, site management, technical staff and application maker do not reach their credit card information including definitely.